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Meadowland Therapy is owned locally. Richard Lemon has been practicing since 1999.

Meadowland Therapy aspires to improve the quality of life of our patients by creating an environment that promotes wellness. We understand that everyone has a different road on their way to recovery and we want to be with you every step of the way. As a comprehensive outpatient clinic, we offer a range of services under physical therapy and pelvic floor physical therapy as a means to your recovery. We are committed to providing an experienced, caring staff dedicated to providing the individual care you deserve.








What our patients have to say....

  • "I have been to Meadowland Therapy for two different injuries and have loved working with both of the therapists I have seen. Richard and Robyn are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone. They are knowledgeable in what they do and listened to my needs. They gave one on one care to me and understood how to help. Sometimes it was one tweak of the way I was doing something and it made all the difference in my outcome. They know their stuff!!"

  • "The staff are very friendly and helpful, every visit there has been above and beyond. I thank each and every one of them there that I have met, thank you for your excellent service from the front desk to the therapist. Highly recommend this place for anyone needing physical therapy. A+++"

  • "This place is by far the best place to go to for physical therapy. Richard and Kilee were great with encouraging me to keep up with the exercises and helped me recover from knee surgery. Jill is the most caring receptionist I've ever met and felt extremely welcomed. The whole team is just phenomenal. I look forward to continue to work with them after my next surgery!"

  • "Pelvic floor therapy is a game changer! I didn't realize how many of my issues were related to my weak core... diastasis recti, umbilical hernia, low back pain, leaking, pain from childbirth. Sarah was so helpful and I am so pleased with the progress I've made! I bought an online course a few years ago to help with diastasis recti but didn't have as much success. In person, Sarah is able to watch the position of my ribs, hips, abs and watch my stomach to make sure I was doing exercises correctly. Having someone watch me and answer my questions made all of the difference! I did some sessions while 8 months pregnant and I think it helped me have a smooth delivery. Then I continued sessions postpartum and I believe it helped me heal properly and recover quickly! I recommend pelvic floor therapy to all women who are pregnant or have had kids! It was one of the best things I've done for myself!"

  • "After my knee replacement, the physical therapy I received from Meadowland was amazing. The care, concern, and professionalism was outstanding. After my knee, I had a foot reconstruction surgery and again my recovery physical therapy was at Meadowland. Every time I have been there I've been met with friendly staff and an amazing physical therapist. I highly recommend the professionals at this establishment."

  • "Richard was a true professional and ensured that she understood the reasons for all the rehab. He is very professional and takes the time needed to ensure the patient is comfortable and understands everything. I recommend Meadowland to everyone because they care more about helping people get better than seeing how many people they can see in a day."

  • "Staff was GREAT. The best thing is that I felt really comfortable with going to therapy. Very professional in all aspects of the experience."

  • "Richard and his staff are professional, kind, compassionate, and effective. Thanks!"

  • "Sarah did a wonderful job teaching technique and exercises to improve pelvic floor strength and improve urinary incontinence. She is respectful and goes way beyond Kegels to help strengthen the entire pelvic floor and improve breathing techniques. The entire staff is kind and caring. I would highly recommend them for women struggling with urinary issues!"

  • "Meadowland Therapy is the place to go! I've known Richard Lemon, PT for over 20 yrs and he's continually updating his skills in order to provide the best quality care for all patients who enter his clinic. Richard is the only PT my husband and I see for our Physical Therapy needs and we always have great outcomes with him. His staff--Kilee, PTA, and Jill are amazing as well. They're always so helpful with therapy and scheduling appointments that work for you. Patients couldn't ask for a better therapy team than the one at Meadowland Therapy! Go see for yourself!"

  • "I have been done with PT for a couple of months and I have to say I am so pleased with the change in my life. Sarah is awesome! Because of the things she taught me I am now able to figure out how to make pains go away and work through challenges. I tell everyone I know who needs physical therapy to go to Sarah!"

  • "Sarah really knows what she’s doing with pelvic floor therapy! She was really patient with me and helped me understand what I was doing wrong. 10/10 recommend!! It only took me 3 weeks to get the hang of everything."

  • "Best physical therapist I have ever been to! Sarah is innovative, creative, and so great at her job. She listens, teaches, demonstrates, encourages, and helps me understand why things are the way they are and works with me to find a way to resolve the problems. I find myself with tools I can effectively use for the rest of my life. Other therapists, I have been to have made me feel various things - I'll never be done with PT; There's only so much we can do; There is no way I can maintain this routine in my busy life. But I don't have those feelings here. I feel progress and hope and am seeing concrete results in my health. So glad I moved to Pocatello and found this gem of a place!"

  • "You are treated with such professionalism. I appreciate how clean the business is. They always make sure they follow the doctors orders. Everyone who works there has always been so kind. I feel very lucky I found Meadowland Therapy."

  • "These are amazing people. Jill is so awesome in her position in the front office. Sarah was so great to work with and extremely knowledgeable. She taught me things that helped me even though they weren't directly related to the pelvic floor strengthening that I was there for. The exercises for the pelvic floor physical therapy are phenomenal and I will be more confident and energetic from now on in my crazy life. Who would've thought physical therapy could be so fun?! Total game changer for me. Thanks ladies!"

  • "I have had several injuries to one of my legs that I kept thinking would get better with time. Time did not work, but Meadowland Therapy did! I would recommend them to get you feeling like your old injury-free self!"

  • "They are all so kind and knowledgeable! Very honest about therapy and individual circumstances. I will definitely recommend them every time!"

  • "A great experience with physical therapy after my surgery. Richard and his crew are the best."  

  • "I have had trouble since my son was born, which was almost 30 years ago. When a friend recommended pelvic floor therapy, I was skeptical, but I figured it was worth a try. After one visit with Sarah, I saw a difference. To say this therapy has changed my life is an understatement. I cannot thank you enough, and I will not hesitate to recommend you."

  • Roxanne
  • "This place has been such a lifesaver for me. When I was in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, I had extremely painful pelvic pain. They were so kind and helped me learn breathing, strength, and stretching techniques that helped reverse a lot of that pain so I could do day-to-day things with little to no pain. Fast forward after I had my baby, I was having lower and upper back pain. Again they helped me through all of it and I have so much more knowledge for why I was getting that pain and how to help ease that pain at home. Thanks Meadowland Physical Therapy!!!"

  • "Awesome therapists, great environment! They are very knowledgeable, caring, and helpful!"

  • "Because of Covid19, I had not been able to go out and walk and exercise like I normally would, join a water exercise group or even make an appointment with PT to get physical therapy at the start of feared Covid19 virus infection, the beginning the first months of year 2020. Because I am older and I have severe arthritis in both of my knees, my doctor referred me to see a PT as soon as Covid19 would allow to strengthen the muscles that support both of my knees. I choose to go to Meadowland Physical Therapy because they are near my home. Jill, their receptionist, always welcomed me with a smile, each day and sometimes even opened the front door for me so I could enter more safely with my daughter helping me in. Richard and Kylee always made me feel so comfortable with my treatment plan and helped and encouraged me to strengthen all the muscles around both of my knees. My right knee was so bad that I could not support myself safely without help from someone, even with a cane. After the prescribed PT treatment session was about to end, my right knee was much better but still not stable. I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon for right knee evaluation and the doctor recommended knee replacement with the left knee to follow. I want to thank all of the team at Meadowland for their care. When my replaced right knee is ready for PT, I will be returning to this caring team to get it all tuned in and working. Hopefully with the PT received initially I may have an easier transition. I am looking forward to seeing this caring team for their help."

  • "They were very professional and very good at what they do."

  • "I had severe back pain when I came to visit Richard Lemon and his staff at Meadowland Therapy! I appreciated all of the great staff who worked with and for me including Jill, at the front desk, and also Tyra and Aubrey, who are the Physical Therapy assistants. I appreciated their knowledge and expertise to relieve my pain. I am so grateful! The back pain went away! I highly encourage everyone to use them!"

  • "I cannot say enough about my providers at Meadowland. The friendliness, knowledge and patience was beyond my expectations. I have been on a three and a half month journey with Richard, Kilee and Jill. With their help and expertise I am now walking and getting stronger everyday. I thank them for challenging me, but not pushing too hard. I thank them for their role in my miracle."

  • "Everyone is very friendly and professional. They made me their priority and I am very grateful for them. I feel stronger now then I did before my surgery."

  • Sarah
  • "Meadowland Therapy is beyond awesome. The therapists as well as the staff are competent, friendly, professionals. They listened to and addressed all of my questions and concerns during my treatment., helping me to understand what was going on with my body. They provide a very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and I would recommend Meadowland Therapy to anyone, anytime."  

  • "Richard and Kylie are amazing! They are so knowledgeable and friendly! And Jill is the Best! They are so accommodating. Thank you for all your help!"

  • "I have been to Meadowland Therapy for two different issues. They are professional, friendly, and absolutely know what they are doing. My husband has also been there and had great results. If you need a physical therapist, Meadowland is where you need to go!"

  • "I have been extremely impressed with Meadowland Therapy. The congeniality, knowledge, and patience of the staff was amazing! I began to go to physical therapy for two different medical issues, and with the therapist's expertise, I have now overcome many of my balance issues. I thank them for working with me and assisting in my journey to get better!"

  • "I had back surgery that included 5 vertebra. I was introduced to Meadowland through my surgeon. I loved the staff there, especially Kilee Leham, she was excellent. Answered all my questions and was genuinely concerned about how she could help me. Also, Richard Lemon and Jill at the front desk. Although I didn't get as much relief as I had wanted as I later found out through an MRI I had a further contributing condition which therapy at this point won't help. I plan to return to them if I need anything further as some of the treatments did help. Thank you to Kilee for all she has done to help me. I would recommend them 100%."

  • "Miracle workers, went one time for a pelvic floor problem, Sarah taught me some exercises, problem fixed!"

  • "I have had several injuries to one of my legs that I kept thinking would get better with time. Time did not work, but Meadowland Therapy did! I would recommend them to get you feeling like your old injury-free self!"

  • "Oh my, where do I begin! The right side of my body is prone to injury and at times suffers from overuse. Over the last eight years I received therapy from Richard for a cyst in my spinal column, bursitis in my hip, tennis elbow and recovery after meniscus knee surgery. On each occasion Richard reviewed my x-ray or MRI, pinpointed my injury, customized my treatment and designed a maintenance plan resulting in a full recovery. Richard and his team are personable and attentive, while receiving treatment the spotlight is on you! If you are searching for outstanding care with an exceptional recovery Meadowland Therapy will deliver!"

  • "Caring leadership and staff helped me achieve my goals to restore full function of the knee joint after surgery. I recommend Meadowland Therapy because they care about individual success with attention focused on the patient. I always felt like I was the only patient in the room instead of just a number to achieve a population goal. I highly recommend Meadowland Therapy."

  • "Richard and his team are super nice and they work hard for you. I've enjoyed my time with them, like I said their there for you. Thank you guys."

  • "If you want a team that is completely competent. If you want a team who cares. If you want a team that supports you. If you want a team who motivates you to accomplishing your goals. If you want a team who will give you a push when you think you can’t do it. If you want a team who encourages you to do your best. If you want a team that truly cares then this is the place for you!! I had a total knee replacement and I walked out a better person in all aspects."  

  • "I am very pleased with the results of the physical therapy I received at Meadowland Therapy. I would highly recommend Sarah Cairns who helped me with my pelvic muscle dysfunction. She listened, answered my questions, and explained things well. I especially appreciated her patience with me as I struggled to identify and use the appropriate pelvic muscles. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and considerate. I learned a lot, and I plan to continue to practice the exercises she taught me."

  • "I have been going to Meadowland Therapy for years. I love the wonderful care I get from everyone. They are all excellent in what they do. Thank you for taking such great care of me."

  • "I have three reasons for going to Meadowland Therapy. Two complete knee surgeries and one shoulder replacement. Encouraging me to keep going and telling me how far I had come in my progess, which is really important to me. But one of the biggest reasons was they weould keep count for me. HA HA And they are super fun to work with. Great staff!!"

  • "I would recommend Meadowland Physical Therapy to anyone who needs therapy. I have been to them twice for back pain therapy & they have helped me so much to keep me moving & able to do my daily activities. They whole staff is so amazing, professional, personable, from Julie at the front desk to Kylie & Richard. Just can't say enough about Meadowland Physical Therapy facility!!!!!💜💜"

  • "Fabulous. I enjoy the treatment and the company."

  • "Best staff and service in area. Of the 10 different PT clinics I have used sense moving to Idaho. By far shows the most genuine understanding of how and why it hurt. Takes the time to ensure your care for and understand the processes needed to improve your condition. To the staff thank you for your concern and help."

  • "Miracle workers, went one time for a pelvic floor problem, Sarah taught me some exercises, problem fixed!"

  • "Very kind and caring staff."

  • "Everyone is so amazing I love coming in every week. They are positive toward me and encourage me to keep going. They love my son and enjoy his time as well. Their equipment and room r very clean and sanitized regularly and they take procotion for the Covid 19 virus.Thank you guys for all you do for me and everyone that comes in your doors. I highly recommend anyone to receive care from Medowland Physical therapy."

  •   "The staff are amazing and the level of care is unparalleled! My experience was truly life-changing!"

  • "I have been receiving treatment from Sarah Cairns for about a month at Meadowland Physical Therapy and it has changed my life! Sarah is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise and creates a professional, safe, and comfortable environment with her patients. Her ability to foster honest and open conversations while providing treatment has allowed me to be confident and successful during my own implementation of exercises. Sarah has taught me tips and tricks to incorporate into every aspect of my life and the results have been very effective! I have also enjoyed working with Kylie Dunder who has given me creative tips to improve my exercises while answering my many questions and creating a friendly and fun environment! I look forward to continuing to work with Sarah and the rest of the very friendly & supportive staff at Meadowland Physical Therapy."

  • "Very knowledgeable staff. They helped me a lot. I learned a lot about how to control my symptoms and they gave me a home exercise program to follow. I would recommend Meadowland Therapy to everyone."

  • "It was awesome! Richard is great. He explains everything that we are working on. He answers any questions I have."

  • "I am so glad I discovered Sarah and pelvic floor therapy! My life has changed for the better with the techniques she has taught me. I can finally laugh, cough, and sneeze without worry! Thank you so much for improving my quality of life."

  • "Meadowland Therapy helped me with my rehabilitation after a total knee replacement. I would highly recommend them. With their help, I obtain ROM and strength goals quicker than I expected. My doctor commented that I had done great. Thank you Richard, Leah, and Brandon at Meadowland, you are all awesome!!"

  • "This is the third time I have used Meadowland Therapy, once for back surgery, once for knee replacement, and now for carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. I found Richard Lemon was the therapist, which he listened to my complaints, told me what his plans were for each surgery. He was considerate and compassionate. Even though the therapy hurt and was difficult to do, he would let me take it easy when it was more than I could handle. I am able to live my life thanks to my doctors and Richard and his expert staff. His office staff are very kind and welcoming. I will recommend Meadowland Therapy to everyone I know, and if the need comes again, I will return there."

  • "Great care, helped me motive myself. would recommend them to anyone needed to improve movement and balance."

  • "After hurting myself in a skiing accident. I was referred to Meadowland Therapy by a friend. I couldn't be happier with the service of care I received. The folks working there are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I would highly recommend anyone needing physical therapy to check them out."

  • "Richard and the staff at Meadowland are so great to work with. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!!"

  • "The facility is very clean and all care is taken when making sure all equipment is sanitary. All the staff is pleasant, personal, caring, and professional. They ensure all your goals are met. When I first started I was in so much pain, but they listened to my concerns and didn’t push me. I didn’t feel like I had to do it, but they encouraged me to do what I could. That I would ultimately meet my goal. There was no pressure at all. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who has any physical challenges, from an injury or just getting a little older. I received much knowledge for my situation. I’m so very thankful. I can now play and hold my grandsons. You are all AWESOME!"

  • "They are very friendly and caring. Very professional. Their goal is to help you reduce your pain so you can get back to living with as little pain as possible. They are who I will go back to whenever I need therapy."

  • "I was referred to Meadowland and Sarah specifically for pelvic floor issues and sciatica symptoms that developed after a weightlifting injury. Sarah was exceptional in her ability to diagnose not only what I was experiencing, but where, why, and how my symptoms developed. She has a gift of understanding when you have to talk about things that can be embarrassing or just don't know the words to describe what you're feeling. I felt confident and at ease in her care. She has helped me get back to feeling pain-free and functioning again in a short amount of time! I'm so grateful for her skill and talent. I would recommend anyone to see her for help."

  • "Meadowland Therapy has been wonderful to work with achieving great post-surgery results in record time! Thank you, Richard and your entire staff. This is the second time I have chosen Meadowland for my physical therapy needs and both times had great results and treated with the most professional, helpful, knowledge, and kind therapist I could have asked for! Thank you Richard!!!"

  • "Richard Lemon was wonderful to work with! His ability to help you achieve the results needed for a speedy recovery were amazing! The entire staff was helpful and always willing to help. This is the second time using Meadowland Therapy for post-surgery therapy and both times it has been an excellent experience! Thank you, Richard and your entire staff!"

  • "I worked with Sarah for increased pelvic floor strength after two babies and it has changed my life! I can now do the workouts I love without leakage and even jump on the tramp with my little one. Sarah is funny, personable, and great at listening to your unique needs and finding strategies to accomplish your goals. An added bonus is the kind receptionist Jill. She never forgot my name and always made me smile. I am so grateful I was referred to Meadowland Physical Therapy. It’s not okay to deal with leakage after a baby, don’t put up with it! Let these great ladies help you!"

  • "I worked with Sarah for a couple of months. We did a lot of pelvic floor therapy and she is super knowledgeable in this area. She was able to take my specific lifestyle needs and find exercises to help support that. She is very thorough and makes you feel comfortable. This office is highly recommended."
  • "Richard and his team are excellent in their delivery of personalized therapy plans, encouragement, and compassion. I highly recommend you give them a try."

  • "I recommend Richard and his team without reservation. They have helped me recover from back fusion surgery and a knee injury. In both instances their advice and exercises were spot-on."

  • "Meadowland Therapy is amazing. Very professional and one on one care. The service was outstanding the minute you walked through the door. I will never go anywhere else. Thank you for taking care of my problem."

  • "I had a wonderful experience at Meadowland Therapy!! Richard was very knowledgeable and helpful. I worked with Leah for most of my time there, and she was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. The receptionist, Jill, was always pleasant. I am thankful for great people to help me out after my injury!"

  • "I had an awesome experience at Meadowland. I had a knee replaced and went there for rehab. Richard was very knowledgeable on what needed to be done. During by sessions everyone was very attentive and friendly to me. I was pleased with how fast my knee came along. The time flew by and I was released much sooner than I expected with a good range of motion in my knee."

  • "Richard and his staff are excellent. I’ve been to several different Therapy Places in Pocatello, and have not had the great experience that Medowland has given me. They are great with total joints. I have had a total shoulder and total knee. The therapy building is roomy, ventilation is good, machines are new and helpful. Richard works with his clients and does not just have the techs work with you. Richard also keeps in contact with your physician, to ensure you are getting the correct therapy. I would return here in the future and would recommend Meadowland to family and friends."

  • "I have been to 3 other therapy businesses in the Pocatello area and Meadowland Therapy was by far the best Therapy business I have been to yet. Richard and his staff were very helpful and always showed care and concern for their client. I have had two 4 level fusions on my neck and both my knees replaced. After the care I received there, I am now on my way to being able to live and do daily things I have not been able to do in a long time. I'm doing amazing and credit their care in getting where I am today."

  • "This place is awesome. I was booked quickly, they worked with my schedule, and I was able to go often to progress quickly. Dr. Sarah is the best! She put me at ease through my whole experience. Appointments with Sarah were the perfect balance of clinical and friendly. My favorite - I left with the peace of mind that I knew better how to help myself and that my questions were answered because of Sarah's emphasis on education and transparency. I felt that she really cared about me. Man- I love Sarah and I highly recommend this place."

  • "Great knowledge staff."

  • "I wasn't sure that PT would help with my chronic knee and back pain. After a few weeks, my pain was almost gone. Richard gave me the tools to manage my pain. I am proud to have gone to Meadowland Therapy. When I first started I was in the pool. Richard showed me what to do and he recommended me going to the rec center so that I can continue to improve with the pain. Then I was put back with Richard for my knee. I can honestly say I no longer have back pain or knee pain. If you are having these issues I would go back to Richard in a heartbeat, let's hope I don't injure myself again. Everyone here is friendly, I highly recommend Meadowland. Thank you again, Jill, Richard and everyone else that works hear. I hope I don't have to use you again but if I do I will come back."

  • "Meadowland Therapy is an excellent outpatient clinic. I received 1:1 individualized care at each appointment: they listened to my concerns, asked about my goals, and adjusted each of my sessions accordingly. I’ve been thrilled with the results! Not only have I been able to overcome chronic issues in my back and neck that were causing me pain and weakness for years, but they also helped me address the underlying deficits that were holding me back from pursuing other goals. I’m stronger now than I ever thought possible. I can’t thank them enough!"

  • "My experience with Meadowland Therapy was incredible. The staff was very professional and helpful. I felt comfortable from the first day of therapy. I would recommend this business to anyone that wants to feel comfortable with the best therapists. There was great teamwork and management."

  • "Great team of people working there got me back on track and really great environment."

  • "The staff here is amazing. I loved every second of my treatment and I was bummed when it was over. Highly recommend these guys!"

  • "Great people that go above and beyond. Can't recommend this place enough."

  • "This is the third time I have used Meadowland therapy, once for back surgery, once for knee replacement, and now for carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. I found Richard Lemon was the therapist, which he listened to my complaints, told me what his plans were for each surgery. He was considerate and compassionate. Even though the therapy hurt and was difficult to do, he would let me take it easy when it was more than I could handle. I am able to live my life thanks to my doctors and Richard and his expert staff. His office staff are very kind and welcoming. I will recommend Meadowland Therapy to everyone I know, and if the need comes again, I will return there."

  • "I worked primarily with Sarah. She is very knowledgeable. She listens, cares, and does everything she can to resolve physical issues. I highly recommend Meadowland Therapy."

  • "Sarah was amazing with helping with pelvic floor and lower back weakness. I was so happy with the care she and her team provided. I would fully recommend Meadowland."

  • "Meadowland Therapy staff are all so helpful and kind. Thank you for the help in my recovery."

  • "The staff is both knowledgeable and caring. I was pleasantly surprised at how much better I felt after a few trips to the therapy sessions."

  • "Richard and Sarah are the best physical therapists around! They took really good care of my injury and treated me so good! I loved going there every week! Amazing atmosphere and they over-accomplished my therapy goals! Over the moon satisfied with my level of care! Thanks Meadowland staff!"

  • "I want to take a minute to thank you from bottom of my heart for the excellent care & service I received from. ALL the employees made me feel like family. I fell a couple of weeks ago & as soon as the bruise heals I’m going to go back for a little more therapy. They are a #1 in my book. I would highly recommend them for any kind of therapy."

  • "This place was amazing. Jill at the front office was very accommodating to each person's needs. She was also qualified to assist clients. She was helpful and always made sure I was safe getting to and from my vehicle. A staff member was always by your side working with you. Richard was busy with clients but he was aware of everything taking place. He knew when every client arrived. At one time I couldn't find a place to park, he saw me arrive, came outside and made arrangements for me to park closer to the building. The staff knew all clients by name and their routine. They would willingly step in to help a client whose therapist was busy. On days you had more pain their goal was to send you home feeling more comfortable. The staff worked together. They were professional but fun at the same time. They all cared and they gave you a feeling of belonging to their family. I am going to miss them!"

  • "I recently completed pelvic floor PT at Meadowland Physical Therapy. Prior to starting, I was a little nervous but Sarah made the whole process very comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and helped me get back to feeling like my old self again after having a baby. I highly recommend Meadowland PT! Thank you!"

  • "Meadowland is the best in the valley! Richard and his staff are the best! I was shown what to do and encouraged to do my best. Everyone was so kind. Richard showed me what to do at home. I had great results. I have recommended Meadowland to my friends."

  • "Was very happy with the results and personal attention to my therapy. Would use this practice again if the need arises."

  • "Sarah at Meadowland Therapy was very nice and professional. I came a long way in a short time with my goals. Staff is very good at explaining things in a way that is easy to understand. Office is very flexible in their scheduling."

  • "I recently completed PT at Meadowland after knee surgery. I am very pleased with the results in my mobility and strength. With the exercises that I did at the office and what they gave me to do at home my leg strength is back and I have full mobility. This was my first experience with Meadowland and if I need PT in the future I will not hesitate to continue care with them."

  • "I just finished my treatment at Meadowland PT. I worked with Sarah. I must admit, I didn’t think PT would work. Was I ever wrong. The program was very successful. Sarah explained the process and goals so well. She listened and focused on my specific concerns. Working with Sarah has made a huge difference in my life."

  • "My experience at meadowland therapy was excellent! Sarah helped me work through multiple barriers and get to a solid foundation for lifting and breathing correctly. If you have any issues with pelvic floor, lifting mechanics, breathing techniques, or mind to muscle connection, she is the PT to make an appointment with. Thanks again!!"

  • "Great experience with Richard and all the staff at Meadowland Therapy. Very friendly and welcoming place. I would recommend it to all who have physical therapy needs."

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