Worker's Compensation


Worker’s Compensation

Work injuries can leave you struggling with chronic pain or limited mobility. At Meadowland Therapy trained physical therapists help you recover from your injury more quickly. Whether they’re minor or severe, all injuries can affect your quality of life. Physical therapy offers drug-free relief from your most painful symptoms. Let the physical therapists at Meadowland Therapy help you regain your strength and mobility. Call or book an appointment today! 

Work Injury

What is a work injury?

A work injury is an injury sustained while performing duties related to your job. While work injuries are more common in jobs that require intense physical activity, anyone can get a work injury. In some cases, your injury may seem minor at first, but symptoms worsen over time.

What causes a work injury?

Common causes of work injuries include:

  • Lifting/carrying heavy objects
  • Falling from a ladder or scaffold
  • Being struck by a falling object
  • Slipping on a wet floor/ground
  • Repetitive stress/poor posture
  • Auto accident while driving for your job

Work injuries can be painful or debilitating. If you’ve suffered a work injury, you may experience chronic pain or other symptoms that make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. Work injuries can limit your ability to return to your job or perform your regular job duties.

How can physical therapy help me recover from a work injury?

Severe injuries may require prescription medication or surgery. But many doctors also recommend physical therapy as part of your treatment strategy. If your work injury damaged your muscles or joints, physical therapy can improve function in the affected areas.

Meadowland Therapy can also provide rehabilitation after a surgery or broken bone. If your injury is permanent, physical therapy can teach you how to cope with new physical limitations. Your physical therapist can assist you in finding new ways to perform everyday tasks.

Physical therapy is especially useful for managing chronic pain. After a work injury, you may experience severe pain on an ongoing basis. While your doctor may provide prescription medications, many people turn to physical therapy for drug-free pain relief.

At Meadowland Therapy, your physical therapist can help treat any underlying injuries or conditions that are causing your pain. Physical therapy increases your strength and flexibility. It can also improve your posture and joint function, which may relieve pain or muscle tension.

If you’ve suffered from a work injury, don’t delay treatment. Physical therapy can help you manage your pain and regain your strength. To learn more about how Meadowland Therapy can help with work injuries, call today.

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